CPA Firms Haskell & White, Katherman Kitts & Co. Combine Practices to Enhance Client Services

About Katherman Kitts Advisory Services

A critical part of your relationship with Katherman Kitts involves planning for your financial future. 

Do you know where you or your business will be in one, five or ten years?

You can never start too early Identifying your goals and planning on how you will meet them.
  • Family owned business - Who will take it over when you are ready to retire?
  • Will there be a need to sell your business as part of your exit strategy? Who will buy it? Do you know what to do to get it ready?
  • What lifestyle will you maintain after retirement?
  • How about your children - are you worried about their future?

The partners at Katherman Kitts & Co. have the experience to help you answer these questions.  

Services Include:
  • Succession planning
  • Exit strategies
  • Business structure
  • Strategic direction

Please contact us.   We want to help.